Case number 45

Drawing machine Kuhlmann with drawing table 2 adjustable splines 2 adjustable splines Adams angle divider
4 antique drawing tools 4 antique drawing tools 4 antique drawing tools Carrier (angle meter)
Circle insert for angle tripartition and angle construction 4 antique drawing tools Angle meter with several transversal measuring rods 2 ellipse drawers
2 ellipse drawers Curvimeter Curvimeter Measuring rod (O. Fennel, Cassel)
Adjustable spline Kartometer from Tesdorpf-Fleischhauer High-precision carrier Springbow of Wichmann
Curvimeter Articulation mechanism Logarithmic measuring rod
Pointing machine of Wichmann Shader machine High-precision pantograph from Coradi

The corresponding bottom case is: Case number U 45

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